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The research group Hierarchical Topologies deals with new concepts and methods for the creation of novel structural topologies.

  • Based on complex hierarchical structures, we use existing material-based effects for intelligent systems with controllable and adjustable properties.
  • The functionality on system level is based on the complex interaction of material-inherent and topology-inherent effects.
  • The work aims at: complex functions, such as actively controllable deformations as well as function integration of advanced properties, e.g. magnetic permeability, electrical conductivity or radiation transparency.
  • We are a group with expertise at:
    • Engineering
    • Computer science
    • Material science

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Mr. Dr.-Ing. Angelos Filippatos is a group leader of the research group "Hierarchical Topologies - Intelligent Systems with material-inherent functions" at the Dresden Center for Intelligent Materials (DCIM) of the Technische Universität Dresden. His scientific expertise is on the design and testing of multi-material structures under complex loading conditions, with a special focus on new methods for their in-situ structural integrity assessment. The main emphasis of his research is to synergize multi-material engineering, parametric simulations and machine learning to discover and implement novel functionalities to anisotropic composite structures. He studied at the National Technical University of Athens - School of Mechanical Engineering where he graduated at 2010. At Dresden since 2011, Dr. Filippatos has developed a solid background regarding the development and testing of intelligent structures and their architectural representation through a systems engineering approach. As a result, he is currently committed with focus on the cross-level, experimental-numerical investigation of the structure-property-process SPP relations of hierarchical structures through data-driven methods.

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